Soundcard resources for Linux DJs

As the developer of xwax, I get a lot of queries on various soundcards and audio interfaces for DJs, and their use under Linux. I've set up this page as a resource for this information.

Note that inclusion here doesn't imply endorsement or any guarantees, but is a good indication of which devices I have personally used successfully (unless otherwise indicated). If you have any questions or corrections, please send them by email.

ALSA configuration ('asoundrc') files here are probably best added to your own ~/.asoundrc

Daniel James and the excellent PiDeck project are also compiling a list of compatible soundcards.

DJ Audio interfaces

Devices in this section include phono preamps for use with turntables.

Native Instruments' Audio 8 DJ

Native Instruments' Audio 4 DJ

Native Instruments' Traktor Audio 6

MixVibes U46 MK2

The U46 MK2 is a USB interface with 4 line/phono input channels (2 stereo pairs) and 6 line output channels (3 stereo pairs).

Rane SL-1

This is the audio interface supplied with Serato Scratch Live

Stanton ScratchAmp v1

Stanton ScratchAmp v2

Novation Twitch

DJ controller and soundcard in one bus powered unit.

Hercules DJ Trim

Behringer UFO202

Behringer UCA222

General purpose audio interfaces

Although these are just general balanced/unbalanced audio interfaces, they can be used for DJing. If a turntable input is required, separate preamps must be used.

MixVibes Maya 44

The Maya 44 is a USB interface with 4 line input and 4 line output channels.

M-Audio Delta 1010

Echo Layla 3G

The Echo Layla 3G has all analogue channels on a single device, but uses an unconventional method of overlapping subdevices which allows stereo pairs to be accessed easily without needing an asoundrc file. Example ALSA devices for stereo pairs are:
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